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Biothane 3/8" Tiny Breed Collar

Biothane 3/8" Tiny Breed Collar

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Our quick release collar in 3/8" is perfect for all the tiny pups! These little Biothane collars are available in 9", 10" and 11" circumference, but can be ordered to custom fit your little dog. 

The quick release buckle is easy to snap closed and to open. 

Measure the thickest area of your pets neck with a soft tape measure. Slip one finger between the tape and your pets neck, for a little wiggle room. You do not want the collar to be too snug and not too loose that they can slip out. 

All of our gear is handmade in our home supervised and inspected by our Shelties - Jema + Jaxx!


Biothane is a polymer coated webbing that is cleanable, durable, waterproof, stink proof and stain resistant. Biothane is an extremely durable material that has a soft flexible feel of broken in leather and will stand up to all crazy adventures. 

To clean wipe with a damp cloth or for muddy messes just wash in soapy water and rinse. Be sure to dry after washing or swimming. 

Biothane colors will stay bright and bold for years to come. Please inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear. Metal hardware will patina over time. 


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