Sizing Guide

First measure your pets neck where you would like the collar to sit. Use a soft measure tape, ensure you can fit at least 2 fingers between the tape measure and your pet's neck, for a little wiggle room. 

You don't want the collar to be too snug that it's uncomfortable for your pet, and too loose that it will get caught or easily slip off. 

You can also use your pets current collar by measuring the inside circumference with a measuring tape. 

Remember we can make you a custom size collar to fit your dog perfect.

Just reach out and we will get right on it!



Sizing based on Collar Style 


Classic Buckle Collar

These collars feature our classic buckle and are adjustable. We recommend always measuring your dogs neck before ordering. It is best to choose a size that has your dogs size in the middle hole of our classic collars. For example a 20" would be a large 18-22"


Small: 5/8” width - fits 10-14" best fit on 10-12" hole 

Medium: 5/8” width - fits 14-18" best fit on 14-16" hole 

Medium: 1" width - fits 14-18" best fit on 14-16" hole 

Large: 1’ width fits - 18-22" best fit on 18- 20" hole 

Extra Large 1" width fits - 20-24" best fit on 20-22" hole 

**We recommend 1” width for medium to large breeds.


    Quick Release Collars 

    Measure the entire circumference of your dogs neck, with a little wiggle room for fur or weight changes. Ideally tight enough for comfort and to be sure it will not easily slip off.  


    Medium: 1" width - fits 14-18"

    Large: 1’ width fits - 18-22" 


    If you are unsure we are always here to make sure you find the perfect fit for your dog. 

    Please reach out to us and we'd be happy to help!