About us

Meet the Makers

We are Tracy & Bruce Crooks. We’ve lived in Moose Jaw for almost forever, raised our 3 amazing kids in a big old house and have had lots of fur children who we miss dearly.  Now that Bruce is retired (4 years already) and I teach zoom yoga and a few public classes we travel half the year in our Class A motorhome. 

We consider our pups pretty darn lucky that they travel with us on our adventures. Perhaps they don’t even know how lucky they are, but with sheltie smiles and a little sheltie attitude they floof along for the ride. 

Our dogs and our travels are why we make biothane dog gear. We know without a doubt it’s the best, and our girls will be safe and stylish in our collars, harness and on our leashes. 

Our biothane gear has been tested over and over again for number one - Quality, strength, durability and functionality which is so important when we all have busy lives that include our dogs.  

Without a doubt you will love our dog gear. Handcrafted in our home workshop supervised by our floofs Jema + Jaxx.

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Meet Tracy 

Tracy was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. From her early days as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, to building a successful jewelry side business and creating upcycled barnwood furniture, she's always full of ideas.


Meet Bruce

If you look up "handyman" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Bruce beside it. He loves building just about anything. From hot rods to home renos - he's always busy. He's constantly helping bringing Tracy's ideas to life.

Meet Jema & Jaxx

Jaxx is our two year old blue Merle Sheltie - she’s the silly one and a little bundle of energy. Next to her is Jema - who is a little older and a little wiser (she's three) They both bring us and our family so much joy.

We can’t imagine life without them! Even our grandkids MacKenzie and Beau get in on the action and help with obedience training. They love taking Jaxx & Jema on long walks in the parks here in Moose Jaw and when we spend time in Saskatoon. 


Connect with us

Thanks so much for visiting our website. If you have any product-related questions or just want to connect with us, please shoot us a message on our contact page or DM us on Instagram. We'd love to hear from you!