What is Biothane? The Future of Durable, Stylish Dog Gear

What is Biothane? The Future of Durable, Stylish Dog Gear

Hey there! We're Tracy & Bruce, and we’re the dog enthusiasts behind Jema & Jaxx Biothane Dog Gear. We’re recent retirees so we’ve been travelling. A lot. And if there's one thing we've learned during our travels, it's the importance of reliable gear.

Enter biothane, a material that's been a game-changer for us and our furry companions. As soon as we learned about it, we were hooked! We started experimenting with our own products and voila! Jema & Jaxx was born.

But what exactly is biothane? Let's dive in!

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What Exactly is Biothane?

Biothane isn't just another name you come across in the market. It's a unique blend of coated webbing, primarily made from polyester and then coated with materials like TPU or PVC.

The result? A material that looks like leather, feels a bit like rubber, comes in a rainbow of colors and is tough as nails. We may be biased but biothane is just about the best material for dog leashes, collars and harnesses out there!


Why We Love Biothane for Our Pups

Traveling with our pups means they're always on the move, exploring new terrains and getting into all sorts of adventures. That's where biothane dog gear comes into play.

It's waterproof, durable, and super easy to clean – perfect for those unexpected mud puddles or spontaneous lake dives.

It also doesn't crack or dry out like leather products do, it handles the elements much better than plastic products and the process to make it is much more eco-friendly (and ethical!) than either alternative.


Eco-friendly and stylish

Jema and Jaxx, shelties wearing biothane dog collars and leashes


Speaking of eco-friendly, we care about our planet and we're always on the lookout for sustainable choices.

While we don't necessarily care for the term, biothane has been referred to as "vegan leather" because of the aesthetic and durability. However, it offers a greener alternative to animal leather, consuming less water in its production not to mention the whole animal hide thing.

Plus, it's stylish! Our girls look absolutely chic in their biothane collars and harnesses.


Tested and Trusted

We wouldn't trust just any material for our furry family. Biothane has been put to the test, and it consistently scores high on quality, strength, and functionality.

When life's a whirlwind of activities with our dogs by our side, we need gear that's up to the task.


Wrapping It Up

In our home workshop, with our fluffy supervisors Jema and Jaxx watching over, we craft dog gear that we're proud of. Biothane has been a revelation, ensuring our pups are safe, stylish, and ready for any adventure.

If you're as passionate about quality dog gear as we are, we're sure you'll fall in love with biothane just like we did.


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