Our why’s

Our why’s

I finally made a “how to clean your biothane dog gear” reel!
So I thought I’d back up and share the all the reasons we love biothane for our pups and why we started making dog collars and leashes.

A few years ago when we started traveling with our sweet yorkies Cali and Theo (who we miss every dang day) they wore cute fabric harnesses, collars and leashes. Don’t get me wrong the patterns were super cute but they were always so dirty from beach adventures and rolling in the all smells, they also wore out relatively fast.

Covid winter, oh how can we forget, when we were all cleaning, baking and crafting I discovered biothane and bought a few feet to make Jema a collar and leash. I knew we would travel again soon and wanted to make sure we had durable, strong, stink proof, reliable gear for our now two shelties Jema and Jaxx! Biothane checks all the boxes, it’s crazy strong, does not absorb smells, and as you can see in my reel it washes up easy!

Fast forward to last fall! We started Jema + Jaxx Biothane Dog Gear! Our goal was to build the best dog gear possible to keep our shelties safe on the road in our motorhome and adventures along the way. I’m a little ocd and NEEDED to know our pups could not wiggle out of a collar or harness on pee breaks or hiking in Sedona.

We spent last winter on South Padre Island Texas with our girls and we were very confident they were safe in their Biothane gear! We ordered all the best colors and hardware so we could share with you all!

We are so grateful for the support of our small business over the past year, so thank you for choosing Jema + Jaxx for your puppers.

As we get ready to road trip again very soon, we know our shelties are always safe in the best gear! We are excited to share our travels with you and all the new dog stuff we will be launching in the spring!

Happy snow day y’all, stay safe out there!
Tracy, Bruce, Jema + Jaxx



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