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Biothane Handsfree Crossbody/Belt

Biothane Handsfree Crossbody/Belt

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Our Handsfree Crossbody/Belt is a dog walker, biker, runners dream! This amazing piece of dog gear works with our NEW 4ft Classic Multi-Leash. 

The Handsfree is adjustable to be used as a crossbody or as a belt.  Its so easy to adjust to wear across your body up to 54" and as a belt around our waist 32" - 54"

Dog walking has never been easier with our Handsfree, the strapping fits with ease across your shoulder or around your waist. It is so nice to have your hands free to work on loose leash walking, give treats and of course clean up after your pup! 

We love it for the versatility and safety it provides us and our dogs. Your dog is secured to you should you drop or let go of the leash. This is peace of mind that you can keep your dog safe in busy traffic areas and close to you when navigating narrow paths when walking, biking or hiking.

This product can also be used to extend the length of your Classic Multi-Leash


It is important to connect your multi-leash properly to your Handsfree Crossbody/Belt to ensure the safety of your dog. 

Adjust your Crossbody or belt so it fits comfortably, connect the trigger snap on the belt to the o-ring. It should look like a complete circle. 

The multi-leash should be fully extended and the trigger snap attached to the same o-ring as your crossbody/belt.

DO NOT clip the trigger snap onto the trigger snap on the crossbody/belt.

DO NOT clip the d-ring and the leash to the trigger snap on the crossbody/belt. This could cause the multi-leash to unclasp from the crossbody/belt and may damage the hardware. 


We know that you are sure to love our Biothane Handsfree Crossbody/Belt

Please NOTE: Classic Multi-Leash sold separately  


All of our gear is handmade in our home supervised and inspected by our Shelties - Jema + Jaxx!

Biothane is a polymer coated webbing that is cleanable, durable, waterproof, stink proof and stain resistant. Biothane is an extremely durable material that has a soft flexible feel of broken in leather and will stand up to all crazy adventures. 

To clean wipe with a damp cloth or for muddy messes just wash in soapy water and rinse. Be sure to dry after washing or swimming. 

Biothane colors will stay bright and bold for years to come. Please inspect regularly for signs of wear and tear. Metal hardware will patina over time. 


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